Paktechz Design



Paktechz is a brand focused on self-designed automotive products with a team of experienced engineers which use 3D scanning and design, large scale 3D printing and aerodynamic simulation to develop car pars which improve the look and the downforce of the car.



Paktechz research and development is highly focused on the concept behind the car. Every part kit is developed using a sophisticated concept with the understanding about the aerodynamics and characteristics of the car and not just a simple patchwork.  


2D Concept

Paktechz professional 2D design team can quickly provide an aftermarket solution for almost every model. Customers are very welcome to let their own ideas get into the project and therefor participate in the design process. 

3D Scanning

3D data scanning of up to a full vehicle is done using a handheld CREAFORM 3D Scanner with a precision of 0,03 mm and a resolution of 0,05 mm. 480.000 measurements are taken every second to guarantee a perfect fit of the finished part.  



Paktechz CAD car part design method is way more advanced than the traditionalway of making aftermarket car exterior products. The old method includes taking the car into the workshop for several weeks and putting plaster and fiberglass on the car in order to make the prototype part. Paktechz method is a lot more efficient by using computer design and 3D data from the scanned car so only two workshop sessions (scanning and test fit) are need. This saves time and money and has been proven in many of Paktechz developments. 


CFD Aerodynamic Analysis

Paktechz products not only have a great design, they also serve a purpose. After designing the product it undergoes several CFD test to prove it will perform well under real aerodynamic conditions. Airflow and downforce will both be measured to ensure a real improvement to the car.


3D Printing

By using an industrial grade 3D printer with SLS technology (Selective Laser Sintering) for printing prototypes Paktechz can ensure that the production line can hold up to original CAD drawings. SLS printing offers high precision, less shrinkage and warp as well as a high resolution of the printed part.

Finished product test series

Paktechz developments will be tested several times before going into production and getting distributed. Before every step of the process the result of the previous step is tested thoroughly. Every Prototype is fitted to the car to ensure perfect fitment before CNC milling the mold. During production samples are taken to make sure that every product is as good as expected.